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Committed to improving Quality of Living and enhancing LifeStyles !

RO Water for your entire house !

RO drinking water in every tap of your home, not just the kitchen !

RO water for the bathrooms, laundry, for the garden, for your car !


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Goodliving RO water filtration systems Pricing

"Rich & Luxurious Living" with RO quality PURE WATER for your entire house !!





We have launched our fully automated models that will be suitable for most households.

Model name Capacity of RO water production
GLRO-75 750 Litres / hour
GLRO-150 1,500 Litres / hour
GLRO-300 3,000 Litres / hour


Price --- available on request ---
Taxes extra
Transportation As per actual
Installation extra
Optional Components as applicable
Dosing system included
Auto Flushing and self maintenance system included

Pre-filtration, area for installation, raw water supply water pipes, all additional plumbing and fitting to be arranged by the customer. Water out depends on raw water quality and may vary accordingly.