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RO Water for your entire house !

RO drinking water in every tap of your home, not just the kitchen !

RO water for the bathrooms, laundry, for the garden, for your car !


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Good Living RO Systems

Models & Specifications


"Rich & Luxurious Living" with RO quality PURE WATER for your entire house !!





Works great even in places like NOIDA and Gurgaon, where water quality is very low and TDS is often as high as 2,500 to 4,000 PPM.

Salient features of our primary RO models:

They are small in size so they can easily be installed of a terrace, yet they are very high on capacity and are very powerful machines.

If the TDS of Raw feed water entering the Good Living RO System is about 2,000 ppm, then the output water TDS will be in the range of 25 to 75 ppm. That is about 98% removal of unwanted Salts !!

The chassis is made with Stainless Steel and is totally rust resistant.  Can be placed on a terrace.


Specifications & Pricing:

Model GLRO-75, 150, 300
Launching year 2012
Capacity* 750 to 3,000 liters per hr. or

5,000 to 30,000 liters per day

RO Membranes All made in USA

Imported from USA

Size* Width: < 4 ft.

Depth: 2 ft. 6 inches

Height: 5 feet

Stand Built with Stainless Steel
Wheels Yes
Display LCD Display
Lights Indicators Multiple LED indicators showing functions of different components of the Good Living RO System
Float Switches 1 for Raw water tank level

1 for RO water tank level

Meters 3 Pressure gauges

2-3 Rota meters are additionally installed to view flow rates of:

  • RO water going in the water tank
  • Dirty Reject water going to the drain
Dosing Pump


Auto Start/Stop


Auto Flushing


Auto Self-Maintenance


Auto Safety Features



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Important information:

* Note:  Due to constant improvements in design and technologies, the dimensions, weight, other specs are subject to change without prior notice.

** Water output capacity can vary widely depending on various factors like water quality, pre-filtration, model, filter condition and maintenance etc.